Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Discounted Metro Transit bus passes

North Hennepin and Metro Transit are working together to help with the cost of bus passes for students who ride the bus.

Effective today, the NHCC Bookstore will sell Metro Transit bus passes at a discounted rate to students through the Go-To College Pass program.

Passes provide unlimited ridership on buses and trains anywhere in the metro area.

Current low rates are:
    Fall Semester Pass $115 (ridership dates are 8/15 through 12/31)
    Spring Semester Pass $115 (ridership dates are 1/1 through 5/31)
    Summer Session Pass $60 (ridership dates are 5/15 through 8/31)

To purchase a bus pass, students need to show current NHCC Student ID at the Bookstore.

Financial aid and payment plan charge options may not be used to purchase a bus pass.

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