Monday, August 18, 2014

Student Review of Divergent by Veronica Roth

When it comes to books I’m not hard to please. As long as there is a decent plot with somewhat of relatable characters, I’m hooked. Before I began to read divergent I had already seen the movie. Something I never do, but at least it made me look forward to reading the book. I had known that some scenes had been omitted out of the movie. So I was hoping the book would answer some major questions.  But sadly, that was hardly the case. If anything I was left wondering what the author had been thinking.  The base of the story is about a girl living in a dystopian world, where the people of Chicago live and interact with each other based upon their factions.

                There are four factions and each stands for one principle. There is Abnegation which is the original faction of our heroine. The people of this faction are selfless, that one word is what should sum up their whole character. Dauntless or otherwise known as the fearless, is the faction Tris chooses to join. There is Candor and they stand up for the truth, Erudite are consumed with the thirst for knowledge, Amity are the peace and nature loving focus.  Of course there are people that are without a faction.  But they are called the “Faction less” and they are hardly explored enough for one to understand why it’s so bad to be without a faction.  Of course I had a hard time understanding how anyone can live within one faction.  No human’s character can ever be summed up into one word. People are made up of many different emotions and characters that it’s hard to understand how or even why these factions began?

                Tris as a character was hard to understand and hard to relate too. If anything I disliked her character. As unfair as it is I couldn’t help comparing this book to the Hunger games. Both series are Dystopian themed and they both have lead female characters. And even though I hated some of the decisions Katniss made in the Hunger games I couldn’t help loving her and rooting for her. Tris on the other hand was a character I just couldn’t seem to figure out or understand. The friendships she formed in Dauntless were forced and fake, because in the end they were each other’s competition. The love relationship between her and four was one I was against. Only because I felt that he was too good for her. In the end I will continue to see the movies when they come out, but unfortunately I will not continue with the series Divergent.

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